Stacey Tran

Stacey Tran (she/her) is a writer from Portland, OR currently living in Providence, RI. She is the author of Soap for the Dogs (Gramma, 2018) and her writing can be found online in BOMB Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, diaCRITICS, and more. Stacey founded Tender Table in February 2017.


Natassja Pal

Natassja (“Tassj”) is an artist in Portland, OR. Her work highlights the things that bring her calm: plants, food, animals, basketball, and shapes of all sorts. She enjoys working on freelance projects that relate to her community. Her favorite foods are chaat, onigiri, and anything that’s good on a cold rainy day.


Vy Pham

Vy is a social worker currently calling Portland her home. She has a passion for drawing out stories in people around cultural identity and ownership. You might catch her on the radio talking about diaspora and the immigrant experience. Trust that you’ll always catch her planning her next meal--probably on 82nd.


Emmeline EAO

Emmy is a Khmer American maker with a penchant for print on paper, people, and food. She spends her time dancing between these worlds, finding ways to merge them through her art.  These days you can find her in Portland, head down in a book or searching up in the sky. In the kitchen, like in life, she values color and variety, and in honor of her Yay Chea, will always eat the fat.



Daela Muñoz (she/her) lives in Portland, Oregon, where she can be seen in restaurants requesting extra lime wedges for everything. Talking to her about agriculture, land management, sustainability, and Indigenous resilience will pique her interest, and probably get her scheming up a project. She loves cooking and baking, but gets the most enjoyment out of eating together with others, especially with her big, goofy Mexican American family.