Sussy Santana


Sussy Santana is a poet, performer, and cultural organizer born in the Dominican Republic. Author of Pelo Bueno y otros poemas (2010).  In 2012 she released RADIO ESL a poetry cd, and the chapbook Poemas Domésticos (2018). Her poems have been featured in various anthologies. In 2014 she founded La Feria, an annual artisans market where local artist can sell their arts & crafts. Santana is a 2015 MacColl Johnson Fellowship recipient, the first Latina writer to win the distinction. Her poetry appears in the 2018 Providence Public Library catalog HairBrained, where she explores the topic of hair as a holder of memory. Her work is included in the anthologies: A la garáta con puño (UNAM-Mexico), Mujeres que Narran (Nicaragua), No creo que esté aquí de más (Spain). Santana is a board member of AS220, a nonprofit arts organization based in Providence, RI.