Meryl Montgomery


One sentence to describe yourself: A high functioning hybrid between an Oregonian and New Yorker

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Worst case scenario, you can always order a pizza.

If you could satisfy the munchies with only one snack or meal forever, what would it be? Cereal + milk

Favorite cannabis flower strain, edible, or other cannabis product: Herbal Spliff with Blue Dream and BARBARI Herbal Blend No2

Recommended reading: How to Cook A Wolf by M.F.K. Fisher

Where's your dream place to get high, who would you get high with, and what would meal would you share together? With Meryl Streep at a beach house with an incredible view of the ocean. We'd eat a oysters and a charcuterie board with fresh baked bread and plenty of wine.

What's the best thing you ever cooked while high? Chili Cheese Noodles. It's basically a mix between chili and mac n cheese.