Mazzy Chiu


Mazzy Chiu is a cool kid who does cool stuff! She is the star of the YouTube series, Cooking with Mazzy.


One sentence to describe yourself: A curious out-spoken toddler of Chinese and Japanese descent

What will you be presenting on? The Mazzy Show is filming a special Tender Table episode in collaboration with May Cat, where we are going to make a Thai dessert together.

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Mom says try everything once. Even if I spit it out and say "Blegh!" I surprise my parents by liking green vegetables like broccoli, beans, and arugula, but not liking kid foods like peanut butter and toast.

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: Fried egg over hot gohan

Favorite food: Plain white sticky rice eaten with my fingers, fresh chicken eggs from our former pet chickens "Fahn" and "Gohan" which translates to Rice and Rice in Cantonese and Japanese. They were so "soft and fluffy." (Mom note: Unfortunately the chickens have since died by way of raccoon attack. We are learning the circle of life early on.)

Recommended reading: Hush! A Thai lullaby by Minfong Ho, the rhyme and rhythm of the story makes me sleepy, and I love hearing the sounds of the different animals.

Best meal(s): Dim Sum with my Mama and Yeye, Satsuma tangerines from my Jichan's prolific fruit trees in Torrance, CA, dried mangos covered in li hing mui powder with my cousin Marty.

Food you’d like to try: All the vegetables growing in the backyard garden. I helped plant a bunch of snap peas, carrots and radishes that I'm excited to try for the first time this spring.

Additional comments: I make a very deep scratchy monster growl. I'm outgoing at home, but very shy with big crowds. If you have fruit gummies, I'm more likely to be friendly.