Tenzin “Kyikyi” Yeshi-Men


Kyikyi is a Tibetan immigrant from the Himalayas and a working mom of two beautiful Tibetan-Cambodian daughters. Her passion to share her culture through her food gave birth to her seasonal pop up Himalayan Dumplings & More.


One sentence to describe yourself: Tibetan immigrant from the Himalayas.

What will you be presenting on? How Food Helped Me Through an Identity Crisis as a New Immigrant Parent

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: "When you cook with your heart, your guests will taste the love."

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: Rice and Dal — staple food of the Himalayas-inexpensive, nutritious, delicious and filling.

Favorite food: Handmade from scratch Momos aka Himalayan Dumplings

Recommended reading: The Elephant Chaser's Daughter ( young girl(s), who emerges victorious even by regular social standards amidst unimaginable socio-economic barriers).

Best meals: Momos because it’s a family affair — from preparation to the consumption.

Food you’d like to try: Native American food. As a Tibetan refugee, I feel a strong sense of kinship to Native Americans from the first time when I learned of their history, their past and present struggles. The first time I experienced a pow wow in the US, the beats of the drums and the dance cries, it touched me deeply because I could close my eyes and it could easily be my people...only my people in Tibet are presently living out Native Americans' past.