Arlyn Frank (she/her) is an afrolatinx chef, born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Puerto Rico. She recreates fresh dishes that traditionally sustain working class families in the Caribbean. Arlyn, with her small company Platano Rising has dedicated her cooking to fueling meaningful change. This commitment has given her the opportunity to cater for the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Ori Art Gallery, Reed College Black Arts Festival, PSU Queer Resource Center, The Nat Turner Project and the First and the Last Black Femme Thriving series as well as cooking for Brown Girl Rising, Forward Together and shelters for displaced Latinx youth. Her body of work (and delicious food) has landed her mentions in platforms like Auto Straddle, a guest segment in Afternoon Live! as well as a spot in Cherry Bombe's The Future of Food Tour as a panelist amongst some of the most influential women in food in the PNW.


What will you be presenting on? Afrolatinx identity and what it means. The relationship that latinos have with their blackness through my own journey.

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: To try the food as I go and to try to "cook feeling good". One of my chef mentors taught me to put music, think warm thoughts or of things/people that I love while making food and it will come out better.

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: Tacos

Favorite food: Mexican food

Recommended reading: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Best meals: Food tastes better when it is shared/shareable

Food you’d like to try: More food from different African regions!