Hoopla Martinez


One sentence to describe yourself: Born and raised in Portland

What will you be presenting on? Indigineity, decolonization and the evolution of tradition

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Watch and learn first, then do. Oral tradition does not follow a recipe, it is our history.

If you could satisfy the munchies with only one snack or meal forever, what would it be? Mexican Al pastor with seared pineapple burrito, right off the rotisserie, with all the fixings, spicy green salsa, lime squeezed in every bite, with a side of chips and ice cold squirt.

Favorite cannabis flower strain, edible, or other cannabis product: I really enjoy Jack Herer in flower, also have loved using a nectar collector, a hand held dab rig, to smoke oil. Favorite oils/shatters so far are Lemon Sour Diesel and XJ-13.

Recommended reading: Native Peoples History, Borderlands

Where's your dream place to get high, who would you get high with, and what would meal would you share together? Somewhere beautiful in nature by water, with Prince, Gloria Anzaldúa, Selena, my boo and my mom. We would be sharing an unlimited international seafood buffet.

What's the best thing you ever cooked while high? A 1.5 pound flat iron steak on the cast iron grill with onions and garlic, seared medium rare over a bed of fresh spring greens and homemade red onion poppy seed dressing after coming home at 2am from a night of dancing. DIVINE, Highly Recommended.

I love getting stoned and eating, it's a celestial experience. I feel like that scene in ratatouille when he's trying to explain to his brother the beauty of food, flavors and combining flavors. His brother doesn't get it but his visualization of fireworks and warm fuzzy feelings of how amazing food is, where my heart feels full and my taste buds are beyond satisfied, that's how I feel about food, flavors and eating.I love food that is moist and flavorful, which works really well with getting stoned and ultimately cotton mouth. Getting stoned also helps with my pain and anxiety, which can affect my appetite. It's been so healing and enjoyable.