Eson Kim


Eson Kim’s stories appear in Sycamore Review, The Massachusetts Review Stories from the Stage, and more. She was a NJ Council on the Arts Fellow, and earned the David B. Saunders Award. She holds an MFA from Emerson College, and directs Community & Youth Programs at GrubStreet. She is currently writing a novel and always toasts her writing milestones with bubble tea.


What will you be presenting about? The way food created a gateway into memories that deepened my creative nonfiction.

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Don't crowd the pan when cooking. Give the food space.

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: kimbop

Favorite food: French fries

Recommended reading: Just one?! Okay, well, Clint Smith's County Descent and Sandra Cisneros' Woman Hollering Creek. (One new and one older selection, so I cheated a little.)

Best meals: On a cold winter's day, nothing beats hot spicy tofu soup, rice, and kimchee.

Food you'd like to try: Any Ethiopian dish.