Emilly Prado


Emilly Prado is a writer and library assistant living in Portland, Oregon. Her work focuses on amplifying the voices of people from marginalized communities in music, activism, and art and has appeared in several publications including Remezcla, Bitch Media, and the Portland Mercury amongst others. When not writing, she takes photos, makes zines, and sells homemade pinback buttons under the name of Sludge Judy.


One sentence to describe yourself: One-and-a-half generation Chicana by way of California and Michoacán, Mexico. 

What will you be presenting on? Food as tradition, contention, and memory

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: It's all about the timing. Also, clean as you go. 

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: See below!

Favorite food: Morisqueta. A regional Tierra Caliente staple for country folk consisting of a mountain of white rice, frijoles de la olla, and slightly spicy, tender tomato sauce-stewed pork topped with crema, cabbage, cotija cheese, and a handful of radishes on the side. 

Recommended reading: Some favorites with food in the title: The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros; Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur; Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak

Best meals: Every xmas. highlights include tamales, ceviche, and buñuelos a solo lunch in Sicily in which I was temporarily adopted by the family I was sitting next to on one side and a pair of suited business men on the other. The family ordered for me and both offered me endless amounts of red wine. I ate delicious rice balls called arancini with swordfish and fresh garlicky pasta. mmmm. A mom & pop taco shop with friends in Guadalajara a few years ago. We sat for like two hours and just kept ordering more and more tacos and quesadillas. The tortillas were hand made, the queso oaxaca was gooey af, and the salsas were delicious. 

Food you’d like to try: Satsuki's bento lunches in Totoro

Additional comments: I'm honored to be apart of Tender Table and share a sliver of my food stories with you. I'll be selling copies of a brand new food zine as well as other works including con las dos manos/with both hands.