Elle Bosque

Elle presented at Tender Table on November 19, 2017 at Ristretto Roasters in Portland, OR.

Photo courtesy of Elle Bosque

Photo courtesy of Elle Bosque


Elle Bosque has written and performed for over a decade in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland, using multiple monikers and mediums including experimental folk music and spoken word. Elle Bosque is a bilingual-bicultural Uruguayan-American Latina, an identity that illuminates her breath and song. 


One sentence to describe yourself and where you came from: Elle Bosque is a Uruguayan-American creative, a shape shifter with roots spanning two continents.

What will you be presenting on? Bizcochos with dulce de leche & dulce de membrillo

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Taste the food as it cooks, and take your time.

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: Just about anything with sriracha on it and any variation of any kind of noodle dish.

Favorite food: Things you can pick up with your hands, like burrittos, tacos, sandwiches, empanadas.

Recommended reading: Eduardo Galeano "Book of Embraces" & Nely Galan "Self Made"

Best meals: Lima Limon, a Peruvian restaurant in a strip mall in Las Vegas; La Vegetariana all you can eat vegetarian buffet in Montevideo, Uruguay; Pupuseria La Miguelena in Portland at the 82nd Food Carts Cartlandia.

Food you’d like to try: Any and all pescatarian or vegetarian foods from all over this beautiful world.