Daphne Kauahi`ilani Jenkins


Daphne Kauahi`ilani Jenkins is a holistic nutritionist, educator, and artist. Her work is informed by her muliticultural identity and all of her culinary and life experiences. Daphne's mission is to reclaim nourishment as a revolutionary act of radical self-love and collective liberation.


What will you be sharing? I am going to share a story about my personal relationship with the 80's snack, Kudos bars. I hope that this story sheds light on what Kudos bars symbolized for me as a child and what they symbolize for me now. While my childhood in Hawai`i was filled a diverse range of cultural cuisines – some from within my family, some from other cultures in my community – I was also hugely influenced by the 80's culture I was privy to from TV. I'm telling this story for my inner tween. She deserves to be seen and heard.

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Taste everything. Again and again!

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: Ohh! Order me up a never-ending box of manapua, pepeiau, pork hash, chow fun, ma tai soo, half moon, and rice cake from Char Hung Sut in Chinatown on O`ahu.

Recommended reading: Peddler Journal (the independent magazine from Hetty McKinnon and Shirley Cai); Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown; No Death, No Fear by Thich Nat Hanh; Training for Change by Alisha Moreland-Capuia; Salt by Nayyriah Waheed; Inward by yung pueblo; Decolonize Your Diet by Luz Calvo and Catrionia Rueda Esquibel; Born to Eat by Leslie Shilling and Wendy Jo Peterson; and anything written by Toni Morrison.

Food you’d like to try: Anything prepared by Zen Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan.