April & Grace Brown


My name is Grace (which means love) Irene (which means peace) Harper-Brown (divorced from). I was born on April 8, 1942 to two older people Gladys Smith who was 38 and Eugene Harper who was 52. My mother was a Narragansett and could not cook. My step father was a Narragansett and was a marvelous cook. He made me love cooking. My daughter says that I am the best cook that she knows because I always want to experiment with food. But truthfully, I like to eat.

My name is April Brown (Grace's only daughter). I am a culture keeper who loves Providence and LOVES eating. I have traveled all over the globe and I am inspired by the diversity of this town despite the real segregation that happens daily with the people who live here. As my grandmother would say, we (Indigenous) have been here before any white person arrived on this land. The power of cooking and telling the story of those recipes is a real way to capture our culture and love of this place called Rhode Island.


What will you be presenting on? Clam Chowder and ClamCakes and the Native American relationship

What dish are you preparing for your story? Clams, potatoes, clam juice, onions, celery, bacon, flour, eggs,

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Ask God to participate and you will be amazed

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: No such meal

Favorite food: April - All carbs, pasta , bread; Grace - Chicken, porkchops, cheesecake

Recommended reading: Precious Memories Sharing Joy, Love and Lifelines: A Family Reunion by Estelle Rollins (written by my Godmother (my mom's best friend- Estelle Rollins) she is also from RI and she has recipes from her mother and step-mother inside of the book)

Best meals: Family dinners or Family Reunion cookouts

Food you'd like to try: Foods from the Pacific Islands or Central Africa