Alexa Climaldi


Alexa Climaldi is a mixed Korean American who is trying to retrace what was lost in intergenerational trauma through the act of cooking. Alexa will be pursuing a master's degree in English literature with a focus on diaspora, postcolonial, and Asian American literature and cultural theory.


One sentence to describe yourself: A first generation mixed Korean-American woman who grew up in Portland and Honolulu who likes kimbap, coffee, and turtleneck sweaters

What will you be presenting on? Kimchi, fermentation, and time- how learning to cook can give access to a cultural memory that we often forget

Best piece of advice you ever got about cooking: Always cook enough food for one more person, because you can always use leftovers and you never know if someone else will show up.

If you could only eat one meal forever, it would be: Green tea patbingsu

Favorite food: Fried chicken

Recommended reading: Cane by Jean Toomer, Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, A Mercy by Toni Morrison, and When Half is Whole by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Best meals: Hot pot because you can eat/cook it with friends and family

Food you’d like to try: I'd like to try Mangosteens because they look really rad

Additional comments: Putting that really fake american cheese on shin ramyun is a horrifying concept but also a very guilty pleasure of mine