Tender Table is a storytelling series featuring femmes of color and nonbinary people of color and their stories about food, family, and identity.


Interview with STUFFT Magazine, Issue One, August 2017

At the tender table yes :: A reading/event series for stories about food, De-Canon blog, June 2017

Tender Table Honors Food and Family: Inside the New Pop-Up Storytelling Series, Portland Mercury, April 2017


Tender Table is made possible by the generosity of OUR WONDERFUL HOSTS:

Cardinal Club

Compliance Division

High & Low Art Space


Independent Publishing Resource Center

People’s Food Co-Op

Regional Arts & Culture Council

Ristretto Coffee Roasters

UNA Gallery

Yale Union

ZZZ / Gramma Poetry


Your donations support the artists who CONTRIBUTE TO THE SERIES

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Paypal: tendertable [at] gmail [dot] com




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